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Priests and Spellcasting: What to Expect on Nimthyr

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Let’s talk about priests today and the “why” behind our choices. One difference that you will either love or hate: The gods have had a few buffs removed. Animals will attack Fo priests and Libila followers will be attacked by monsters. When we sat down to make a more difficult server, we wanted treasure maps to be as they should be. No more Fo priests killing the one scorpion that spawns from a map while all the rats, bears, and lava spiders wander around and wait their turn. Everything that spawns from a chest will attack every priest – no exceptions.

Mag and Vyn priests might be happy that Fo and Lib no longer have a treasure map advantage, but the sword cuts both ways: they no longer have fighting and skill buff advantages. We considered all of the ways a player might boost their skill gain. Sleep bonus, affinity food and drink, meditation, affinity orbs, enchants, etc. When you add all of these things up, skill gain increases exponentially. Even on harder servers, players who know how to stack all of these buffs grind their skills up in no time. We chose to slow things down by removing the priest buffs and making sleep bonus 1.5x instead of 2x. Nimthyr is meant for long-term players who want that feeling of satisfaction that comes after a hard grind.

But all is not bleak. There have been a few quality of life things added as well. Faith and Favor is increased to 200. All priests can heal themselves and cast strong wall. Recall runes not only offer a means of teleporting around the map; crafting them is also an easier way of grinding channeling instead of light tokens or morning fog.

As our server takes shape, more changes may come. We’re always interested to know what our players think. Be sure to join Nimthyr’s Discord, and leave your comments in the #suggestions tab. Not all suggestions will be implemented, but we do take everything into consideration.

Commonly Asked Questions Answered:

  • (73) Expand cast needed to load a bulk storage bin on a large cart
  • 104 Highest cast possible
  • 200 Faith/Favor limit
  • Magic chests cannot be expanded

Welcome to Nimthyr

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The vision for Nimthyr is to offer a harder experience for more seasoned players while remaining accessible to new players. There are two 2k maps that offer a very different play style. Nimthyr is 50% aggressive and deedable. Deeds are free with upkeep enabled. Atres is a hunting server. No deeds are allowed on Atres, and the server has considerably more mobs which are 80% aggressive. Life is brutal there and not for the weak. You can begin your journey on either server, but Atres should be avoided unless a player is a veteran of the game. Travel between the servers is also possible by boat.

The Gods do not offer as much protection here. Vynora and Magranon no longer provide skills boosts; Fo and Libila will not protect their followers from animals and monsters. There is a skill curve here. Skilling will not be too slow (4x in the beginning) until around level 50 when the curve levels out at 1.5x. Sleep bonus is reduced from 2x to 1.5x. Skills begin at 10 with the exception of characteristics which start at 23. Life is slower, harder, and meant to be played over the course of many years. If you are ready for a challenge, we welcome you.