Nimthyr was created on June 1st, 2020 as a new server cluster for those looking to begin the game with a fresh start. Nimthyr is a PVE two map cluster with custom maps created in a modeling engine to provide for a smoother landscape compared to most Wurm Unlimited generated maps.

Our players vary from those who are experienced and new to the game, while our staff have been around Wurm Unlimited for thousands of hours of playtime. This cluster is hosted on a dedicated server with backups every four hours ensuring your data will never be lost.
We believe we can provide the best long term experience for you to enjoy Wurm Unlimited and we at Nimthyr welcome you to join. Here are some of our features:

  • Unlimited deed size with upkeep enabled.
  • Dynamic Skill Rate: 5x – 1x at level 89. See image below.
  • Action Rate is 5x on every action within the game.
  • Mining actions require 30 hits to break rock.
  • Farming growth time is 1 hour between ticks.
  • Characteristics start at 22.0, Skills at 15.0
  • The cluster has two maps, a deedable main server, and a hunting server.

We believe with our experience in hosting Wurm Unlimited servers for over a year, Nimthyr is a great cluster server for those who want a more traditional Wurm experience without accelerating too fast, but getting some of the great perks of Wurm Unlimited. Our staff at Nimthyr host weekly events to keep the community engaged and we always aim to help everyone out. For more information, please check out our Server Information section.

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Nimthyr is the main server for the cluster. Deeds are enabled with upkeep.

With a 2048×2048 size, there is plenty of room to get around and create your homestead. This map has a lower aggressive rate and creature count than Atres.


Atres is our hunting server for the cluster. Deeds are disabled.

There are not only 60 thousand+ creatures, but uniques and titans will spawn on this map as well. The aggressive rate is near 80% making it a great place to hunt, but a dangerous continent.